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May 20, 2013 4:00am EDT
defense, leading to his 2008 conviction for kidnapping and armed robbery. simpson's current attorneys believe he will be granted a new trial. >>> dozens of people are recovering from injuries they suffered at a parade in virginia over the weekend. they were hurt when an elderly man's cadillac careened into the parade. he lost control after suffering some sort of medical problem. police say he likely did not intentionally cause the accident. police say witnesses lifted the car and pulled people trapped underneath to safety. >>> the american embassy employee accused of being a cia spy last week has finally left russia. 29-year-old ryan fogle was seen at the airport five days after he was ushered out. he was seen wearing a blonde wig. he worked as a secretary at the u.s. embassy in moscow. the russians accuse of him trying to recruit one of their counterterrorism officers. >>> the head of the associated press speaking out for the first time after last week's revolution in a the justice department seized some of his organization's phone records. the a.p. has not ruled out legal action aga
May 20, 2013 7:00am EDT
' defense attorneys asked the judge to let them off the case. she refused. now, arias' attorneys will wait with the rest of us to see what the 32-year-old might say next when she emerges from this cluttered jail cell she's called home for most of the last five years. before she speaks, the jury is expected to hear from just one character witness supporting v%q arias. ex-boyfriend, daryl brewer. >> i know jodi because we were in love. >> reporter: he testified early in the trial but didn't want his face shown publicly. this time, he's likely to again tell the jury arias is a loving person who was very kind to his young son. the defense also promised the jurors they'd hear from arias' childhood friend, patty womack. >> she's not the monster that you all think she is. >> reporter: but abc news has learned womack backed out at the last minute. so, now, jodi arias is left with just one ex-boyfriend and maybe herself, to convince the jury her life is worth saving. when jodi arias speaks to that jury later today, it will look and sound very different from when she actually testified. that's
May 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
latest. akiko? >> reporter: the south korean defense men industry said they fired three missiles two in the morning followed by another in the afternoon. these are short-rake guided missiles not the midrange musudan missiles the united states feared they would launch last month. they're only capable of traveling 700 miles at most and officials here in tokyo say the missiles never reached japanese waters. north korea is known to fire off short-rank missiles once every several months but the launches today followed the arrival of the u.s. aircraft carrier "use minich." the ship was brought into south korea last week for joint u.s. naval drills and the state tv called that a reckless attempt to invade their country and added the risk of a nuclear war in the peninsula had risen due to the mad cap war practice by the u.s. and the south's enemy forces. ron? >> thank you for that report. >>> frwednesday's deadly tornad people began picking up the pieces. some of those who live in granbury will be able to return home to gather belongings that they can find. workers are trying to restore water,
May 20, 2013 2:30am EDT
testified the former lead attorney botched his defense leading to the 2008 conviction. simpson's current attorneys believe that she will be granted a new trial. >> well we are hearing from head of associated press for the first time since last week's revelation the justice department secretly seized phone record. gary prewitt called it unconstitutional. the dreamliner taking off today for the first time since january when the entire fleet of jumbo jets was grounded for battery problems. united airlines only domestic operator will fly the high tech jet from houston to chicago. other in the national carriers will be watching closely. >> yahoo! announcing its latest in a series of major deals in new york. "the wall street journal" reports that yahoo! is buying on line content sharing site tumblr, purchase worth $1 billion. there are reports it is an all-cash deal. the biggest transaction since yahoo! hired a new ceo working to drive up revenue and web traffic as well. >> all eyes on a tiny town in florida waiting for the country any newest multimillionaire to emerge. the sole winning ticket
May 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
defense the bureaucrat. this is not unusual in government where they intentionally leave it for the bureaucrats to interpret it. the idea of obama was orderingng this is far-r-fetched. we do not know yet but i am going to be shocked. >> i a am not saying obama is, i am not suggesting it. but where did the guys in cincinnati sitting around lunch decide, is it a hotbed of left- wi activism? i have not heard that. on the rulules being ambiguous, the rule about targeting the tea party and people on the right and noanybody else, th can't be aule. no matter how ambiguous. >> everybody has stipulated. that was not a proper action. >> where did they get the idea that is s what we need to know? >> target the aclu and see what happens. >> the irs is the story here. that is the big one. this is going to grow. the republicans do run the risk, let me tell you, of overkill. the hearing they held on benghazi was a public lations disaster and i thihink they had better see the films of 1998. >> y y said d the pr testimony s >> thanks for >> it draws hillary clton into this and puts her fingerprints
May 19, 2013 7:00am EDT
, likely lower cost and more resilient form of defense. but if dow invests in these coastal ecosystems, there are a whole bunch of environmental cobenefit. >> and then you have one major mistake that totally changes the perception of business, of -- like the bp oil spen in 2010, took a terrible toll on the company's reputation on the idea that you could actually be drilling deep water safely. >> right. >> mistakes will happen. >> mistakes will happen. we all have to be kind o huhumble. environmentalists will make a mistake, business will, the government will too. and by the way, there are also bad actors out there. we're not naive. well get the idea there is a need to keep an eye on business. but there is huge untapped opportunity to pursue these win-wins, a more collaborative approach to protecting nature. >> give me your take on the top couple of most worrisome issues toward nature right now. >> a couple come to mind right off the bat. here at home in the u.s., we need to rebuild bipartisan support for the environment. we've kind of lost that. we need n a strong government
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6